Eyebolt Testing

Eyebolts are widely used across a variety of applications, from merchandising and lighting to rope access maintenance and window cleaning. It is necessary that they comply with current legislation and are deemed appropriate for safe use.


The current standards (BS EN795 and BS 7883:2005) applicable to eyebolt installations.

Eyebolts can be installed into brickwork, concrete, masonry or steelwork and the anchor systems used for eyebolt installations will be different for each.


Periodic examination is an essential and legal requirement.

If the eyebolts installed are for rope access use, they will need to be tested every 6 months; if the eyebolt system is for Fall Arrest, they must be tested every 12 months.

  • Fixed eyebolts

  • Removable eyebolts

  • Flush lock eyebolts

  • Visual merchandising hooks

  • Abseil points

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